cecille and akira matsuo {wedding | 11.27.10}

December 9, 2010

i recently had a “smaller” project doing just ceremony programs and reception menus. i just love it when a client comes to me with a clear vision in mind…it just makes my job that much easier. thanks cecille!  =)  i also loved that what she really just wanted to showcase was “vintage” and “dusty rose”. i know i maybe a bit girlie, but doesn’t that combination just scream “jane austen”…no?? haha

i’m glad that everything turned out well for her thanksgiving wedding. here are some pics that i took, but if i am able to get any official pictures from their photographer, i’ll be sure to post them up…her wedding was GORGEOUS!!


julia and richard kuo {wedding | 06.20.10}

October 9, 2010

i got to see some pics from julia and richard’s wedding recently. i’ve posted some of them below…don’t they look so cute?

julia had told me later that it was SUCH a good idea to design her wedding programs as pseudo-fans; all the guests ended up using them to shield their faces from the sun. (score 1 point for me! i love when good design merges with functionality haha.) and what better way to enjoy a hot, but nice, summer-y day with an outdoor wedding?!

..by | la color

…and here’s a pic of their thank you cards to round out their wedding stationery~
my parents attended the wedding as well as they are family/church friends with julia and her family. my mom showed me the pic they took in the photobooth and all i could really do was chuckle. i don’t think my dad’s had a lot of experience with photobooths before…he didn’t even know where to look for 3 out of the 4 frames! i think it’s so hilarious, it’s so cute! or…am i just a mean daughter?  =P

June 1, 2010

may 13, 2010. surreal. a very sad and surreal day.

it’s been a little over 2 weeks since we found out my mom has cancer. we’re trying to run more tests and cope with it as best as possible…but i can’t believe it. i still can’t fathom over the fact that my GOD! my mom has friggin’ cancer!! why must God be so cruel to my parents? they’ve gone through so much instability with their health in the past years…i can’t stand it. i’m scared. i need my parents.

walking along the beach with my parents yesterday felt nice. while everyone’s out enjoying memorial day, i just enjoyed the small moments i had with my parents. when life is put into perspective, the little moments become more defined.

jesus, i need you. i really do. help control my tears so that i may be strong and think in a lucid state of mind.

jenny and kevin fan {wedding | 11.08.09}

April 20, 2010

when jenny approached me about helping out with her upcoming wedding, she already had a good idea of what theme she had in mind for her stationery…travel, travel, travel! jenny and kevin dated long-distance for awhile and kevin is even a licensed pilot, so the travel theme was quite apropos. a lot of detail was put into their modern and unconventional wedding ceremony and reception held at the beautiful j restaurant & lounge in downtown l.a. even though this was one of the more complex projects i’ve taken up, it was so fun collaborating with jenny. i’m not sure if jenny knows this, but she challenged me into designing things in a way that i’m normally not used to…and she certainly got my creative juices flowing! haha. i’m glad that everything turned out how she envisioned it to be.

jenny was nice enough to let me know when their official photographer, caroline tran, had finished processing their photographs…and when i saw them, i was blown away! the details that caroline is able to capture is amazing. i absolutely love her style and am so happy that jenny and kevin’s special day is so beautifully preserved.

i’ve uploaded some pics here, but check out her site below. leave a couple hours open, because you’ll be immersed in her work once you see it.  =)

..by | caroline tran photography

here are a couple of close up shots i took of the invitation set…

jenny wanted to showcase all in the important landmarks that defined their relationship in one city skyline. it was a daunting task in the beginning (drawing everything out) but it all came together in the end. i loved her idea of adding them sitting on a bench, overlooking the skyline..ahh, love. so romantic.

carlin and brian lau {wedding | 09.12.09}

April 20, 2010

carlin, brian and i met while we were apart of ucla’s navigators ministry. i think if it weren’t for our college fellowship, we all really wouldn’t have crossed paths with one another (as all of us were in completely different fields of study). in fact, carlin and i were put in the same small group. i vaguely remember that one of the first impressions i had of carlin was that not only was she was the most petite girl i had ever seen (haha), but she is someone who contains an inspiring, steadfast spirit. and as for brian, i’ll always see him  somewhat of a mysterious fella– a bit reserved at times, but completely opposite amongst close friends and family.

the end of senior year changed everything for them. i remember coming back from summer missions abroad and seeing them holding hands at the airport. i was shocked and wondered what i missed out on…but was immediately happy. sometimes you don’t know how good two people could possibly be until you see them together. God has blessed their relationship and i am so happy for them. it was fun working with them in creating their wedding stationery…and finding out that what they made was completely them: simple, clean and elegant, with a bit of fun and tradition thrown in.

i don’t know if you can see clearly, but carlin painted their logo onto her aisle runner. isn’t that so creative? it added a nice touch to the overall look of the wedding.

carlin also handmade each and every single origami crane to hold all the escort cards…even if couples and families were put on the same escort card, 250+ escort cards x 2 cranes each…equals…a big headache haha. on top of that, carlin also took the leftover cardstock to make the photobooth holders (backing + corners). she is one crafty trooper.

..by | michael norwood photography

and here are some of my own pics to round out the bunch…

katie and brian joe {wedding | 08.15.09}

April 18, 2010

katie and brian were a great joy to work with throughout the entire wedding stationary process. we all had kinda/sorta/not really (haha) known of each other throughout college, so it was great to reconnect again during the planning of their wedding. they’re such a nice, fun couple and i absolutely adored their use of grays and yellows (with accents of purple) as their wedding colors. it’s a shame that gray is not used very often as it can be very modern and chic…and isn’t katie such a beautiful bride in that gorgeous dress?! brian’s one lucky guy!  ^_^

below are some stationery pieces i did for their summer wedding…taken by their wedding photographer~

..by | evoke photography

here are some more pieces i did for this wedding. congrats katie and brian!  thanks for having so much faith in me when designing things. doing things bi-coastal had its’ obstacles, so i always appreciated your “i trust your judgment, diana” statements haha. in a couple more months, it’ll be your 1 year anniversary! gosh, time does really fly…and yes…it’s taken me this long to update on their wedding. haha

julia and richard’s monogram reads as “junior”.

April 10, 2010

julia and i have known each other for awhile now as we used to attend the same home church. she’s a fellow bruin herself, so there were times when i would hitch rides from her to and from school (my dad and his car thank you, julia!  =P). she’s one of the nicest girls i’ve ever met…and always so smiley. julia and richard are a beautiful couple and their invitation really reflects their style. can’t wait to start working on their ceremony and reception pieces!

go check out their website…it’s super cute~

easter & earthquakes

April 4, 2010

freaked out a bit during the long, slow, rolling quake we had this afternoon…pray for those affected…

and behold, the veil of the sanctuary was torn in two from top to bottom. the earth quaked, rocks were split, tombs were opened, and the bodies of many saints who had fallen asleep were raised. and coming forth from their tombs after his resurrection, they entered the holy city and appeared to many.

matthew 27:51-53

He is risen!

i need to use the word utterly more.

November 20, 2009

i know winter is vastly approaching, but i utterly love these flower options from ‘utterly engaged’. love those hues of yellow!

..from | oh happy day.
..by | utterly engaged.

how is it already november?

November 13, 2009

i had 3 consecutive weddings that i was lucky enough to design for that kept me pretty busy (on-and-off) for the past 5-6 months. needless to say, that’s the excuse i’m using for not updating my blog, and i’m sticking to it. haha.

proof always substantiates an excuse, so here’s some to see:


some of my clients were gracious enough to let me know that their wedding photographer got some shots in of the pieces i designed for them…and that they’ll be sending me those pics for me to see. once i get those in, i’ll be sure to post them…can’t wait to see how they turned out in the end!  =)